Annie's fabulous food....

Annie's food at the Beach House is legendary and one of the many reasons friends keep coming back.

Freshly prepared on our premises and flavoured with herbs from our own garden, the memory of our thin-based pizzas, BBQ with fresh salads and homemade bread, and our curries, eaten while enjoying one of the best views in the world, will stay with you long after your trip.
Our breakfasts, served daily from 9 am, will keep you going through your daily adventures, whether you choose to lounge around on the beach or try some paragliding or surfing.   Start the day with a muffin hot from the oven, some toast, granola, yoghurt and fresh fruit salad as you contemplate just how active you want to be today.

Dinner is served dependent on the number of bookings:

Dinner menu varies from day to day and can be any one of the following:
Pizza in a real wood fired oven, outside on the terrace – Basic Margarita with 3 toppings
Braai (BBQ) – Lamb Chops, sausage, home baked bread, potato salad, green salad
Chicken Curry - served with rice and salad
Lamb Potjie (SA stew done on the fire outside) with home baked bread and salad
Bobotie (traditional South African curried “meatloaf”) and salad
Tuna Bobotie (curried “meatloaf” made with fresh tuna) served with saffron rice, salad and home baked bread
Lasagne with salad and home baked bread
Boerewors rolls – 2 BBQ’d sausage rolls with coleslaw and a glass of wine
Snoek Braai – West Coast Snoek on the BBQ with home baked bread, salad and garlic potatoes
Vegetarian meal: Moroccan Beans – Butter bean stew served hot or cold with butter beans, fresh tomato, green pepper and onion in a tomato and herb base, served with home made bread and salad
Prices vary and will be on the blackboard in reception
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